Terms and Rates

tran-scribe’s full terms and conditions for translation and editing services are available via the link below.

Please note: tran-scribe is introducing new rates beginning on January 1, 2024, in accordance with the general increase in Switzerland’s cost-of-living index.

A brief overview of rates:

Rates for Translation and Editing

Individual price quotes are made for each request after careful review of the text or texts in question. Rates are based on the non-binding fees in the chart below and may vary according to the difficulty of the subject matter (in the case of translations) or the quality of the text (in the case of proofreading and revision). Another factor is whether the text will be published as a physical document.

  • The line count is based on the source text; one standard line has 50 characters including spaces
  • All rates are excluding Swiss VAT (7.7% as of 1 January 2018)
  • The client may request revisions to a finished translation due to error or omission on the part of tran-scribe within 15 days of delivery. Such revisions are made at no extra charge
  •  If the client requests revision to a finished translation due to alterations in the source text, an administrative fee of CHF 80.00 per hour is levied
  • Terminology lists sent to the client are billed on an individual basis
  • A minimum charge of CHF 95.00 is levied for small assignments
ServiceRateAdditional Information
TranslationCHF 4.00 – 4.50 per lineApplies to texts in tran-scribe’s areas of specialization

Includes translation editing (“4-eye-principle”) and terminology
Proofreading CHF 100.00 per hour (750 words per hour)Applies to:
– texts written by native English speakers or individuals with very high proficiency in written English
– final proofs of translations by tran-scribe in layout (before printing)
Text revisionCHF 100.00 per hour (from 300 words per hour)Applies to texts written by non-native English speakers
CopywritingCHF 120.00 per hourApplies to short texts for websites, disclaimers

Rates for English Lessons

PrivateGroups of 2 to 3Groups of 4 to 5
CHF 92 per hour
(Swiss VAT included)
5 lessons must be booked
CHF 150 per hour
(Swiss VAT included)
5 lessons must be booked
CHF 180 per hour
(Swiss VAT included)
5 lessons must be booked

In the case of private lessons, a trial lesson is given for CHF 55.00.

Click here for tran-scribe’s terms and conditions: